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Description Railroads employ an army of workers across multiple crafts and scattered over a wide region. But it is important to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the common rulebooks and procedures. Most railroads found it much more efficient to send the instructor to the students rather than host classes at a single location. Old passenger equipment made the obvious choice for these traveling classrooms. Accommodations varied greatly and larger roads often had multiple cars, some specialized for specific training purposes. Lecture style seating, movie projectors, working control and brake systems were common. The Union Pacific car included here at one time housed a full working model hump yard in N Scale! Most cars also included an office or even sleeping quarters for the instructor at one end. These cars would roam about the railroad on a regular schedule, making stops at major passenger or freight terminals and staying for up to a couple of weeks to accommodate workers in the area, before being coupled to a regular freight or passenger train for the move to the next stop. So, a car like this will look right at home near your engine house or station - or make an interesting random addition to any train. To make school more fun, we've added dialog sounds for the class when the car is stopped along with freight sounds which play when the car is in motion. So, get your pencils and rulebooks ready, class is about to begin! Die-cast sprung 4 or 6 wheel trucks Operating couplers with hidden uncoupling tabs Flexible diaphragms between cars Opening doors Classroom dialog when stopped Max/Min switch Volume control Detailed interiors with figures Flicker-free LED interior lighting PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Rail Line: New York Central Road Number: X-23415 Gauge: O Gauge Power: Electric Min Curve: O54 Dimensions: Length: 19" Most Recent Catalog: 2023 Volume II Catalog
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